Why is Turkey a fucked up country?

Many reasons, large and small (in no particular order. I will update the list as the time goes and as I keep ranting)

  • Internet is very expensive and slow (compared to EU. Even fucking Bulgaria). Thanks to Türk Telekom not unbinding their copper wires and all that monopoly jazz.
  • Gasoline prices are sky high. (4.72 lira (€1.88) per litre of A95; at the time I am writing this)
  • Car acquisition tax is also sky high (171.4193% whereas Germans pay only 19% those lucky fucks!)
  • Election threshold is 10% There is no other country IN THE ENTIRE GODDAMN WORLD that has this much high threshold.
  • Any anti-gvmnt/state tweets, posts, blogs etc. can be trialed. Even as little as saying "fuck you Tayyip you motherfucker you! (in Joe Pesci accent)" might have dire consequences if you have a Turkish IP address.
  • Rail transport sucks balls. So, you wanna travel intercity, don't ya? well fuck you! take the bus!
  • Education system changes radically every 4 years.
  • Conscription! So, you wanna conscientiously object, don't ya? well fuck you, you hippie gay bastard! Jail or do the service like a man(!)
  • Alcohol prices are also sky high. Thanks to fucking Islamist assholes atop government.
  • Traffic rules. well, what traffic rules? It's a jungle down there. Pedestrian crosses are just decorative patterns on roads.
  • Also pedestrian walks are either 50 nanometre wide or just none existent all together. It's normal for people to walk on the side of the road.
  • It's a secular country but we have a Presidency of Religious Affairs promoting hanefi sunni Islam. A chunk of everyone's tax goes into these assholes.
  • There is simply no architecture or city planning. All cities and towns look like a giant concrete diarrhea.
  • Not a cyclist friendly country. First they will make fun of your bicycle-wear and then squish you (pray that it's not a truck!). Oh, also no bicycle lanes.


  1. You are completely right, its time to get that fucked up government down by any means necassary, as they use computer systems to count the votes and amend them, there is no way people (Turks) will ever vote them down. And there is no democratic solution that because there is none in Turkey, hence their (government (police) action against protests. So the only way it seems is protests to be supported.

  2. Wow, how well observed and exact to the point. This country had always problems, but it was never as fu**ed up as it is in the last ten years, thanks to Tayyip F**ing Erdogan!! As a turk myself, I am glad I don't live in Turkey but feel so sorry for all the decent and smart folks who have to live with this every day. Shows, that the number of intelligent people isn't very high in Turkey!!!!


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