Why is Turkey a fucked up country?

Many reasons, large and small (in no particular order. I will update the list as the time goes and as I keep ranting)

  • Internet is very expensive and slow (compared to EU. Even fucking Bulgaria). Thanks to Türk Telekom not unbinding their copper wires and all that monopoly jazz.
  • Gasoline prices are sky high. (4.72 lira (€1.88) per litre of A95; at the time I am writing this)
  • Car acquisition tax is also sky high (171.4193% whereas Germans pay only 19% those lucky fucks!)
  • Election threshold is 10% There is no other country IN THE ENTIRE GODDAMN WORLD that has this much high threshold.
  • Any anti-gvmnt/state tweets, posts, blogs etc. can be trialed. Even as little as saying "fuck you Tayyip you motherfucker you! (in Joe Pesci accent)" might have dire consequences if you have a Turkish IP address.
  • Rail transport sucks balls. So, you wanna travel intercity, don't ya? well fuck you! take the bus!
  • Education system changes radically every 4 years.
  • Conscription! So, you wanna conscientiously object, don't ya? well fuck you, you hippie gay bastard! Jail or do the service like a man(!)
  • Alcohol prices are also sky high. Thanks to fucking Islamist assholes atop government.
  • Traffic rules. well, what traffic rules? It's a jungle down there. Pedestrian crosses are just decorative patterns on roads.
  • Also pedestrian walks are either 50 nanometre wide or just none existent all together. It's normal for people to walk on the side of the road.
  • It's a secular country but we have a Presidency of Religious Affairs promoting hanefi sunni Islam. A chunk of everyone's tax goes into these assholes.
  • There is simply no architecture or city planning. All cities and towns look like a giant concrete diarrhea.
  • Not a cyclist friendly country. First they will make fun of your bicycle-wear and then squish you (pray that it's not a truck!). Oh, also no bicycle lanes.