I have the weirdest boner right now

Squat toilets 101 (Introduction)

It is good for your rectum, too! (a.k.a less hemorrhoid risk and other embarrassing shit)


Sharing bullshit

you probably see this kinda so-called social media share buttons. usually people with no actual content love to use them at the end of their bullshit blog post or whatever. how about you share your cunt or asshole? or both?
if i will ever share something i find share-worthy i will actually copy+paste the link of it. why the fuck do i need a share button to do that simple monkey task? wtf is wrong with people? if you put this kinda gazillion of buttons on your site, blog etc. know that i hate you and i wish you everlasting diarrhea. fucking cunts.

Denmark—what an asshole country against cars (part 1½)

i actually bothered to look up the tax rates around EU to see how denmark is jacking up the tax rates. here is the table of horrors:

i even bothered to edit the wikipedia page to share the bullshit worldwide: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_taxation#Tax_rates_around_member_states

fuck you danish tax authority (SKAT) and the danish state! i'm getting the fuck outta here when i have some sack of cash.