Denmark—what an asshole country against cars

guess how much is the difference of the car prices between germany and denmark? i will take porsche boxster standard model here for other manufacturers' models vary a lot (different option packages, different model names and shit). a new porsche boxster in germany costs €48.291 (incl. vat). same car in denmark costs...€140.419! that is 2,907 times (almost triple) more! jesus fucking titty christ on a hoverboat, gimme a break! oh also, add the one of the most expensive gasoline (€1,578 per litre for A-95, which is the standard in 21st century europe) prices in the world on top of it.

i don't get this double anal fisting tax on cars. if the butterfly loving, grass fucking, sheep hugging danish governments really like the environment so much, i have news for them: IT DOESN'T FUCKING WORK YOU CUNTS!
why? because:
  1. you force people to use older cars (as they are cheaper and the tax on them gets less and less as they get even older. yeah, some fucking logic). most of them won't even pass inspection in (logical) countries like germany or japan. they are constant safety hazards and probably less env. friendly as they burn more fuel!
  2. people won't use the public transport and bicycles as their sole type of transport—despite what most thick danes believe. if you are in a big city, maybe less painful but as it gets more rural, believe me people don’t want to pedal 25-30 km (one way) or take the fucking bus every motherfucking morning. so, they will still buy cars ANYWAY! and guess what? they in fact DO!
  3. i get that denmark is not like usa. that is to say, it's not designed for cars. not enough parking lots, roads and crammed town/city centres etc. but read the 2nd point again. most working people go ahead and buy a car anyways despite all this buttfucking going around. why? 'cos they need it. but they have to pay a lot of money or get a shit car.
  4. back to so-called environmental issue: the neighbouring countries germany and sweden have cheaper prices...and germany has buttload of cars! so, denmark is getting those toxic exhaust gases anyways. it's flat as pancake. 
the 8th circle of hell of course doesn't finish here. a "service" in denmark is extremely expensive. i mean, when actual living, breathing, shitting people serve you with any kind of service. taxi, restaurant, auto repair shop/official car service, plumber, wall-painter etc. are really sky high in denmark (even dwarf the snub countries like belgium, switzerland). so, god forbid if your car is fucked! you are fucked too. you will be BDSM-ed. that is all good, pink and peachy for the service industry workers but -excuse my french- fuck this shit! a car repair guy or a kindergarten chick almost gets paid same as a junior level master degree holding engineer. communism you say? soviets were doing it all wrong! (retarded russkies)
oh also, forget about free car wash offers (like in turkey) or some shit like this in here. oh no! you WILL pay for the wash shitload of money despite it's done by a fucking roller machine. why? fuck you that's why.

so, you might ask yourself about what to do? well, you will bend over and take it! unless... you go to the heights of registering yourself as a resident in sweden or germany, if you are lucky enough to live close by to the borders. even this effort is futile for there is a high chance that you will be inspected and when it turns out that you are a danish citizen/resident in fact, (as said in south park) you're gonna have a baaaaad time!

thanks for reading this rant about a first world problem.

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