Alan Moore agam Rorschach'i seslendirmis

aga yalniz ama nasil bir seslendirmedir, tuyleri diken diken yapiyor.



we are the recycled atoms from eons ago
our minds echoing with immortality
just a deception...some *know* the truth, most do not

once a man *knows* that
he came from nothing and
his demise will be nothing
at the moment of realization, his vision blurs
his beliefs shatters

life is an interim, that he *knows*
alas, the overall truth pulls him down
the *nothing* calls...to his domain
the call he can perceive, but the planes ahead
...trying to realize that...in vain

"if this is a ride" the man supposes,
then tells himself: "then i should just enjoy it"
although there is *knowing* in his thoughts, in his beliefs
there lies a technicality
called the real life

years after, he wonders
if he was all along the ride
or there existed anyone in his time,
that really enjoyed the ride

the uncertainty makes the man implode


Mark (shitty) time

have an re-exam tmrw at 13:00 (SMDS, att#=4, topic withdrawing, 8 topics)
topics covered (read or glanced at least)
slides: none yet (gonna use plastic)
note aid: not allowed (fuckers)
preparation for oral presentation: zero (0)



time is relative, we know this by now. but did you know that human perception of time alters as one ages?
i'm sure you noticed this, but probably got skeptic about it and assumed that it is something wrong with your perception. well, no! almost everyone's perception of time changes as they age. let me elaborate:
 do you remember as a kid, classes in the elementary school felt like eons and the summer holiday like eternity? in university a term passed like the  blink of an eye?
it appears that this is disproportional. the less time we have (the older we are and closer to death) it seems to flow faster and faster—that bastard! sad, but true.
now i understand when old people sometimes say "i remember it as if it was yesterday".  probably after 60, weeks doesn't matter you timestamp significant events by months...oh, the horror!
however, remember that time is still time! 1 hour is 1 hour! (on earth, i am assuming you don't travel close to lightspeed)
the human brain is a motherfucker. it is wired in complex and totally fucked up ways and it still takes account to primordial stuff. although it evolves, it still inherits primordial shit (like when you feel that you are falling down in a dream, you wake up. this is because your ancestors were butt-naked monkeys fucking around on treetops). maybe this time perspective thing is something alike. who the fuck knows?
so the lesson we've learnt here today kids: you think your brain obeys you and you can assume manual control, you are naive. the brain is an automatic fucker just works as it is design to.


Kral Korku Filmleri (vol. 1)

Korku filmleri (cok) genel olarak beni korkutmaz. Genelde "bö!" anlari veya igrenclik uzerine kuruludurlar. Arkadasim ben igrenclik istiyorsam acarim bir gore film (misal tokyo gore police) grindcore'u direkt intikal ettiririm bunyeye. Veyahut korku filmi korkutmaktan cok gerilime donusur...olmaz. Bu seride (seri diyoruz ama devami gelicek mi bilinmez) beni tirstirmayi basarmis veya urpertebilmis (creepy hesaabi) filmleri kisadan inceliyoruz (achtung: spoiler var):

1) Maléfique

bir hapisane hucresi icinde 4 tane hukumlu herifin acayip bir kitap bulmasiyla basliyor. 2 tanesi normal sayilabilse de diger ikisi sakat heriflerin (biri kasli transseksuel oburu de cocuk zekali kacigin teki). neyse daha cok filmi anlatmiyim. yonetmen dayi klostrofobiyi veriyor izleyiciye dibine kadar. bilinmezlik hissi ve gore-vari seyler urkutuyor. yani bu film "bo!" anlari gibi tirt bir numaraya basvurmak yerine seyirciye atmosferi yasattiriyor. zaten onemli olan da bu.

-eee? cok kisa oldu lan bu?
+clear and short yavrum, mottomuz bu.