The Dude's awful guide to Copenhagen

  • B41 is club in Nørreport/Copenhagen, just next to the metro station (a great plus)
  • entrance 50, cloak room 20, 33cl beer 30 kroner
  • easy to get in, no bitching bouncers (at least on thursday nights).
  • allowed to smoke inside, though not recommended. gas chamber alike smoking corner. need to leave the glasses inside if decided to go out and have a smoke.
  • closest munch place: mcdonalds. but dont bother, huge queues around club closing time (normal, eh?) nevertheless could be a place to pick up chicks. "i am pregnant i need to eat" was what i heard last time from a chick inthere, wtf really?
  • interior of the club is nice though people are not cozy. fuck that, student bars FTW!

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