50 Eggs?

"nobody can eat fifty eggs!"
-troy dyer (from reality bites)
well, i have a friend (not really friend, more like an animal) who ate 23 eggs in a row! here is a picture shows how he looks like:

anyways, the guy is like 1,80 in length an appropriate weight to that (see the pic again). the incident happens like this:

he sits in his dorm room. nothing to do, he decides to watch his favoritet lebanese comedy series (he is palestinian btw). he begins watching and after some time he lusts for some snacks. realizing that none available, he sees the egg box in his fridge. boils 'em all and...and starts watching, while laughing his ass off to the series he wolfs the eggs one buy one as if they were chips. as he sez, his arse jumped to the ceiling after the consumption of 23 eggs. 23 man! 23!
the guy is fine, he even fasts in this ramadan (as he tells me)!

so no one should feel guilty after eating a big fat pizza. just remember there is someone out there almost your size like a bandicoot.

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