Have you asked why?
Oppressed yourself so long
Have you talked, to the anarchist within?
I cannot answer these without any disambiguation
Years had passed away, counter people had walked
Yourself calls for you…unanswered calls
But it is going to be rough, especially with your self fortitude stands still
Once was a mighty wreck, that as once was
All thoughts centrifuged, all emotions stirred
A rainbow, just an imagination
As reality batters pitch black
Gray tones stomp so hard the image shifts to monochrome
Purple is no more, as if you have gone color blind
Black replaces gently and worship once more in your temple
Spirits decaying, yours is already rotten
Monks had a glance with their blank eye sockets
All the stand is now falling, grip is slippery
Lessening has never been so fine, ever
Cannot venture further, one step always at the rear…and the other leg is completely gone
Shattered dreams can be reshredded now as nocturnal emissions
…lay in the snow, frozen, amputate your own arm, let the pain be hollow
And ask yourself why?
There is no answer, not on this planet

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