bah bahh

my friend yesterday (he's an Arab, Palestinian to be specific) asked me:
-why do this people share on the web? like torrent? what do they get out of it? [man if u are reading this dont get all whiny :p]
i replied:
+dude they share so they can get also something gratis, thats why it's called sharing
he went on dully:
-yeah but i still don't get it?!
+i share than you share! everyone happy! got it?
-yeah but...no no

i gave up...some (most) people don't understand why somethings are "gratis"...fuck this mentality..why this search of profit in everything?ahh fuck it, dumb fuckers...

i'm planning on uploading all my university material for 3 years since i wont be participating in any lactures from now on...gonna give some aid to poor retards :) ehehheh

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