Death by Dawn

An alteration of sentiments
A hollow trunk rests ahead of me
Whence came, unknown, shines as if it speaks

Thick fog, giving a way to the rain
Circles around a transcendental singularity
Twenty five minute last heavy water drops,
had kept falling on my head

Death is here to stay
Wash away everything
Just a dull gaze to the horizon
A last puff from the cigarette
Wave your hand, attend to infinity


Texas Hold 'em

pokere sardirdim bu aralar, kaynak arayisi icindeyiz...bi bu bok kalmisti zaten bulasmadigimiz...

Heat Fozzy (basarili bir kermit the frog parodisi)


Ny Counter

Jeg har installerede en ny counter til unique besøgerne...det starter at tælle fra 20 juli 2007, blah blah blah...