WEBSITES...Design vs. Functionality

We, 80s generation, started browsing the web around 1995 .Lucky ones got their computers in 1991 or 92; but these were mostly offline computers, due to unavailability of internet at that time. What was internet for me back than, or for us? Well, it meant to me -as a child- basically this green flower thingy (icq) and a lower-case letter "e"(internet explorer). I remember that back then, websites of Turkey was really a mess (this giant mess continued till 2001). Frequent usage of same templates, flashing gifs, banners and all the irritating stuff. Then "flash" came and that was another mess and this mass still continues in most sites. We've seen lots of really cool sites but what 'bout the content? It was hollow. Obviously, Internet's widening was like TV's: Misusage.
Anyways, screw most of the websites that they present us shitty information and difficulty to access it. Even though the content is quite useful, dear webmasters design it in a such way that you have to be like a rat in a maze. For example: http://www1.sdu.dk/. Well, there is a content, but the design sucked ass!
I claim that the best way is like the "kings". Have a look at Bjarne Stroustrup's page: http://www.research.att.com/~bs/. That is what I call a real site. Simple, you can find whatever you are looking, well structured. If you see the HTML you'll even see that there are no meta tags. HTML in its simple!
I would like to finish this post as hailing to Bjarne Stroustrup,Andrew S. Tenenbaum, Dennis Ritchie and all other guys; and cursing fizzy style site sucker webmsters...transmission end....

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