Arc of sins

Forgive me father, forgive me God
I know, I've sinned for the apocalyptic visions
Blinded my eyes with the terror of flesh
Gore is in all my images, that I thought
Cannibalist screams hacking all the,
Deafening silence
Virgins cried, on a burning hell flame candle
Wax spilled all around their cunts,
Deflorating their corrupted membranes
I grabbed a goblet underneath their crotches,
And drank all of their sticky wine with greed
And so my hunger was satisfied, just for a while
Dark shades of the innocence wall fell down,
On my neck,my eyes became smaller and sharper
It was all gone, the dry water of my childish soul
Black rain kept falling on my head, of the guilty earth
Devils laughed and gathered around a fire
Angels watched with their bloody wings in fear
Thoughts through my heavy head roamed and bounced,
Making tiny sharp noises, a gray fog covered all my brain
Forgive me father, forgive me god
I know ,I've been beside the arc of sins
We all blamed the Satan and damned him
But wasn't it us,whom stood behind a first sin?
Wizards cast their spells through the dimness of blackened
Town folk watched the glamour with their little shining eyes

18 October 2005/Sønderborg (midnight)

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